Frederick Sanger medal archive to auction at Bonhams

An archive of medals awarded to chemist Dr Frederick Sanger is to auction at Bonhams.

The lot will provide one of the highlights of the Medals, Bonds, Banknotes and Coins auction in London on November 19.

Medals Bonhams Sanger
Frederick Sanger led the development of treatments for diabetes

It's expected to make £10,000-15,000 ($15,444-23,166).

The key pieces include a 1969 Royal Newton Society Medal and a 1976 Hanbury Gold Medal.

Dr Sanger won the Nobel Prize for chemistry twice during his career, making him one of only two people to have been awarded the achievement in the same category.

He is best remembered for his work on insulin, which increased the treatments available for people suffering from diabetes.

The collection does not include either of Sanger's Nobel Prizes, which would have significantly increased the value of the collection.

Earlier this week, physiologist Alan Hodgkin's Nobel Prize sold for $795,614 at Nate D Sanders.

A fellowship gold medal of the Royal Aeronautical Society awarded to FW Lanchester of the Lanchester Car and Aviation Company is expected to make £2,500-3,500 ($3,858-5,401).

Lanchester was a key figure in the development of flight. He developed some of the fundamental physics involved in keeping an aircraft in the air and later worked out a number of basic tactics for aerial combat that are still in use today.

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