Churchill, Mussolini and Napoleon autographs for sale

"I am easily satisfied with the very best" Churchill once quipped. Bloomsbury is holding a rare books and autographs sale in Rome later this month, and at least one of the pieces on offer might be of satisfaction to him.

Early in the auction is a classic full length photograph (153 x 203 mm) of the great man signed neatly at the bottom.

The item is on offer with an estimate of €3,000-4,000, though Churchill memorabilia often outstrips its estimates, whether it's his cigar or sofa (making it a good candidate for investment). Another high quality signed photo of Churchill is on offer, for those who can't get to Rome.

Winston Churchill
Britain's world-famous WW2 leader Winston Churchill

One of Churchill's WW2 opponents, Benito Mussolini, is also represented in the sale - three letters signed by him form one lot. One, supporting the citizenship of Nicola di Montigny Marotte, was signed by both Mussolini and Victor Emmanuel III in 1922.

The lot is expected to achieve €1,000. Adolf Hitler's signature is also available online.

Italy's current leader Silvio Berlusconi would no doubt reject any comparison with Mussolini. But he is a great fan of Napoleon, even buying the Emperor's bed.

He would probably be interested in a letter from Napoleon to Italy's Eugenio Viceré in 1811 (€1,000-1,200) which gives an insight into the relationship between France, Italy and Spain at the time. An even more interesting letter is available.

Bloomsbury's sale takes place on March 23. We will bring you highlights from the sale here.


Image: Bloomsbury 

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