$6k for a rare set of Third Reich medals

Cobb's auctioneers is arranging the sale of the collection of David Cheney, which focused on memorabilia from the Nazi side of WW2.

Cheney originally took an interest in the subject of the Third Reich out of mischief, as a reaction to the extreme nervousness and discomfort with which the subject was taught in his home state of Massachusetts at the time.

He became increasingly irritated with those who shied away from the subject over the years, and more so with Holocaust-deniers, telling his son "If anybody ever tells you the Holocaust never happened, tell them they're wrong.  I've got the proof."

Amongst the 237 lots in the upcoming sale are a number of medals and awards. The stand out piece from these is a Grand Cross, the Order of the German Eagle which consists of a primary star medal and a smaller version hung from a sash.

Third Reich Grand Cross medal
Third Reich Grand Cross medal
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The Grand Cross is an eight-pointed silver star marked '900' and '21' on clasp of the badge. The smaller sash version is also marked '900'. The whole is believed to be the 1939 version of the award.

The sale takes place on March 13 in New Hampshire.

Collectors of WW2 memorabilia may be interested to know that a document signed by Hitler personally is currently available. On the other hand, those more comfortable with material from the winning side might be interested in a signed photo of Winston Churchill, or a letter written by General Patton.


Image: Cobb's Auctioneers

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