Berlusconi 'bought Napoleon's bed'
Silvio Berlusconi may have the best known bedroom activities in the whole of Europe.

Now, however, it seems that he has bought a bed suitable for such a famous, or notorious, love life.

The 200 year old four-poster has brass fittings and eagles on the corners and is thought to have belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Berlusconi is a huge fan of the French Emperor, comparing himself to his idol several times. In 2006, in a television interview he suggested, “Only Napoleon did more than me - but at least I am taller than him.”

The bed is supposed to have been purchased from Annamaria Quattrini, who runs an antiques emporium, for an undisclosed price.

So far, no one on the Prime Minister’s side has officially confirmed that the transaction occurred, nor the eyebrow-raising claim that he asked for the bed to be widened.

Berlusconi is being divorced by his wife after being linked with a string of other, often much younger, women.

It’s not known whether Berlusconi has a significant collection of Napoleon memorabilia, but he would no doubt be intrigued by pieces such as this letter signed by Napoleon.



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