Swedish Riga gold ducat to lead world coin sale

A Swedish gold 4 ducat coin minted in the captured Latvian city of Riga in 1646 could make $100,000-125,000.

The lot will cross the block at Heritage Auctions in Chicago on April 14-19.

Swedish gold ducat
The Riga gold ducat displays a profile of Queen Christina of Sweden

The Swedes took the city in 1621 and held it for close to a hundred years, until the territory passed into Russian control in 1710.

The coin displays an image of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689).

Heritage comments: "An extremely rare issue of Riga under Swedish authority, this piece is solidly struck and exhibits only light handling with minimal circulation wear.

"A mere handful of surface marks are clearly visible without the aid of a glass…

"With this particular specimen being the only example of this issue to have appeared at auction in the past decade, we anticipate spirited bidding from specialists in this series."

A 1613 presentation klippe issued under Philip II, ruler of the German states of Pomerania-Stettin, is estimated to bring $90,000-100,000.

Klippe are square coins that were first introduced as emergency coinage in Germany, particularly during times of siege.

Philip II was a keen numismatist and this is one of a number of presentation coins issued under him.  

It's one of two known surviving specimens.

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