Rare coin of an evil Roman dictator is exchanged for $7,500 in London
Baldwin's has just released the results of their auction of the David Heuer collection of Ancient, British and Foreign coins, which took place earlier this month.

A family statement with the auction gives a clear view into the motivations for his collecting enthusiasm:

"During his career with International Harvester Company David lived in Havana, Cuba, for three years and for many years with his family in Durban, South Africa. While living in South Africa the family enjoyed extensive travel to England, Italy and Egypt amongst other places.

"During this time David continued collecting coins always connecting them with the history of the country at the time of minting. This was an integral part of his interest. David continued collecting until his retirement to his family farm outside of Memphis.

Nero sestertius ancient coin
A good investment in a very bad man... the Nero sestertius

"In the later years David passed his collection to his three children, John David Heuer, III, Christopher F. Heuer and Anne Heuer Snowden. David died in 2007 and we, his children, have engaged Baldwin & Sons Ltd to sell our Father's collection.

"We hope that whoever buys the collection, or parts of it, will feel the same sense of history and awe which we felt as Dad showed us each coin and described the history surrounding it."

One of the highlights of the sale proved to be a sestertius from late in the reign of the Emperor Nero with a laureate bust facing right on the obverse and a bird's-eye view of the harbour of Ostia, containing seven ships, with pharos surmounted by statue of Neptune holding sceptre and the reclining figure of Tiber below.

Expected to sell for £2,000-3,000, the coin quickly surpassed this achieving £4,600 ($7,500) in the London sale.

Collectors annoyed to have missed an opportunity to buy high quality Roman coins should click here to take a look at a gold aureus from the reign of the Emperor Vespasian.


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