One of five known rare gold Constantius II medallions could bring $110,000

We've reported the exciting news that Heritage and Gemini Auctions are to hold a joint sale of historical coins this month, with the overall highlight in the auction being a pristine Greek coin - an Athenian silver decadrachm

It was struck in 469 BC to commemorate a famous Greek naval victory over the Persians and is expected to sell for nearly $900,000.

However, it is by no means the only highly-attractive, investment-grade piece in this exceptional auction.

Constantius II gold medallion
Constantius II gold medallion

One highlight is a gold medallion from the reign of Constantius II (337-361 AD) and the obverse shows a pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust which his head facing left, though his shoulders are apparently facing out.

The reverse shows Roma and Constantinopolis enthroned, the one helmeted facing out, the other, turreted and with their right foot on prow, turned left towards her. Each is holding a globe surmounted by Victory who is crowning her, and a sceptre.

The beautiful medallion is of a wonderful style, and the orientation of the figure on the obverse is naturally very unusual. It has been part of a series of collections including the Trau and Triton III Collection.

With this eminent pedigree, and apparently only the fifth recorded specimen, the medallion is expected to sell for $110,000 in the auction which takes place on April 14 in Chicago.

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