Low-numbered British banknotes offered at Spink

Spink is to host a charity auction of recent British low-numbered banknotes in London on October 3.

All originate from the collection of the Bank of England.

polymer fiver sheet
The sheet is made up of 60 2016 £5 notes

The bulk of the sale is made up of the new polymer £5 notes, which were officially released today.

The new issue features an image of Winston Churchill on the reverse, replacing the previous portrait of prison reformer Elizabeth Fry.

It also includes new security features, including a see-through window displaying a foil of the Palace of Westminster's Elizabeth Tower, known to all as Big Ben.

Among the highlights is a unique sheet formed of 60 of the 2016 £5 notes, all of which bear prefixes ranging from AM01-AM60 and the serial number 428000.

It's expected to make around £3,000-4,000 ($3,960-5,280).

Meanwhile, a 2014 £50 note with the serial number AJ36 000001 is expected to achieve £1,000-1,500 ($1,320-1,980).

Victoria Cleland, chief cashier at the Bank of England, says: "This is an exciting event, marking the issuance of the Bank of England's first polymer banknote, and the note celebrating the phenomenal contribution of Sir Winston Churchill.

"The notes have been introduced to bring enhanced security, quality and durability and will I hope make great contributions to your collections."

You can take a look at all our coins for sale here.

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