Historic German and Austrian coins and medals appear for sale in Stuttgart

Of the 1,604 rare coin lots that are presently up for sale at Auktionen Meister & Sonntag in Germany on November 17-18, there are some noteworthy lots for entry-level investors.

Among them is this very rare and "tiny" 30 Kronenthaler coin dated to 1811 and bearing the image of Friedrich II of Austria (unknown-1246), the third son of Duke Leopold VI.

Kronenthaler silver coins were originally issued in the Austrian Netherlands in the early 19th century. This example is described as "almost first-rate" in Meister & Sonntag's lot notes and carries a pre-sale estimate of €6,000.

The "tiny" 30 Kronenthaler coin dated to 1811

Also appearing in the auction among various old coins and medals is a "very rare, fine patina" specimen from 1728 featuring Eberhard Ludwig, the tenth duke of Württemberg, from 1692 until 1733.

The coin's reverse depicts a bust in armour beside a quintuple helmeted Wapenschild (a shield attached to one person, family, a city or state).

According to Meister & Sonntag, only 780 copies of this coin were ever minted, making it exceptionally rare today. The coin is estimated at €5,000.

A 1728 coin depicting Eberhard Ludwig, estimated at €5,000

Both rare and historic numismatic specimens are currently for sale in Meister & Sonntag. Online bidding is available in the sale, and will close later today (November 18).


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