Gold Ku'ping pattern tael estimated to sell for up to $85,000 in Hong Kong

A Gold Ku'ping pattern tael is among the highlights of Baldwin's August 21 Hong Kong coin auction with a valuation of $65,000-85,000.

The rare lot was struck in 1906 under the Guangxu emperor and is one of only a handful of Chinese imperial coins produced at the official Mint.

Chinese gold coins
The Gold Ku'ping pattern tael was never widely circulated

A prototype, it was never widely circulated - resulting in its extraordinary rarity today. This example displays slight nicks and bruising to the rim but is in otherwise uncirculated condition.

A gold proof British trade dollar dating to 1902 is estimated to make $30,000-35,000. 

The coins were introduced in the aftermath of the opium wars after Hong Kong was ceded to the British and the treaty ports opened up throughout Asia - leading to an increase in trade.

They were designed exclusively for use in the region and were used extensively up until 1937.

Gold proofs are exceptionally rare and were only produced between 1895 and 1902.

An 1898 Chekiang Province silver 50-cent piece is also expected to perform well in the sale with an estimate of $20,000-25,000.

On August 6, Baldwin will hold a sale of Islamic coins in London, featuring the highly sought after Umayyad 77 dinar.

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