Cupronickel silver 2p coin could make up to $2,000 in Sherbourne sale

A unique cupronickel silver 2p coin will cross the block at Charterhouse Auctions in Sherbourne, UK on August 1 - where it could potentially make ?�1,000 ($1,699).  

The lot, which carries a conservative estimate of ?�100-200 ($169-339), was likely struck by accident at the Royal Mint. One theory suggests that a cupronickel blank was mixed in with the bronze and the error was not noticed.

silver coin Charterhouse
The cupronickel 2p was produced in error in 1988

It was discovered by a shop owner in 1988 in a new roll of 2p coins, leading to a flurry of interest from collectors across the UK.

Richard Bromell, a spokesman for the auction house, commented: "I have had an interest in coins for over 40 years, but this 2p takes the biscuit as I have never heard of one before the owner brought it into our salerooms for advice.

"I must admit to being somewhat sceptical at first, thinking it was silver plated which often happens, but it is the real deal!

"It's a difficult lot to value, and although he was offered ?�2,000 ($3,398) for it in 1988, we have put a more modest estimate on it of ?�100-200 ($169-339) at the auction."

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