Emperor Vespasian leads the way at Baldwin's next rare coins auction

Baldwin's will be having another sale in a couple of weeks' time: their Autumn argentum Auction, themed on ancient, British and world coins, alongside some commemorative medals.

It will not be Baldwin's most spectacular sale, but will offer collectors some opportunities to pick up investments when they might previously have been priced out of the best items in Baldwin's summer sales.

One highlight is a gold coin from 1120AD marked with the name Vira Simha  Ram, Lakshmi, showing him seated facing outwards. On the reverse is the Nagari inscription Srimad Vira Simha Rama.

Indian gold dinara
Indian gold dinara

This is the only example of the coin as noted by Deyell's highly respected listing, and it is unusual to have a ruler in this period with the title Rama instead of Deva. The about extremely fine and very rare coin is expected to sell for £1,000-1,200.

Of course it may do better, considering how well Indian collectibles have been doing. If it doesn't, it will make the owner a good investment.

Unusually, it is a Roman coin which leads the auction. Most Roman coins are not as valuable as the layman would expect, as they were made in large numbers. But the gold Roman aureus from the reign of Vespasian is rare, and in unusually good condition: extremely fine.

The 7.22g coin shows the chubby-faced laurel-wearing emperor on the obverse (pictured), facing right and the reverse shows sea-god Neptune standing facing left, with his right foot resting on globe. The coin is expected to sell for £3000-3500.

Baldwin's auction takes place in London as part of the London Coin Fair on November 6.


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