Egypt Ptolemy VI octodrachm coin heads Bonhams at $9,000

An extremely fine example of an octodrachm issued under the rule of Ptolemy VI (180-145 BC) of Egypt is the star lot of Bonhams' Medals, Bonds, Banknotes and Coins auction, which will be held on July 17 at the auction house's London showroom.

Egypt Ptolemy VI octodrachm coin
There is a remarkable level of detail on this tiny coin given its age

The coin is valued at £5,000-6,000 ($7,600-9,100).

Its obverse bears the head of Arsinoe II, a Ptolemaic Greek princess who was married to her brother, Ptolemy II Philadelpus, wearing a diadem. The reverse is decorated with a double cornucopia - a symbol of abundance.

The coin is in excellent condition, with high relief and just a few scratches in the obverse fields.

The arms of the House of Hanover were added when George I took the throne

A British George II five guineas coin from 1729 is also expected to fare well, estimated at £3,000-5,000 ($4,500-7,600). Bearing the young laureate head of the king on its obverse, the reverse shows a crowned quartered shield of arms.

The coin has light contact marks overall and minor wear to the high points of its design. Nonetheless, it remains in good fine to very fine condition, possible better.

See our William IV proof crown. This silver coin from 1831 has an altered obverse die - a variety that has never been recorded before.

Also featuring is a gold aureus bearing a portrait of the Roman empress Bruttia Crispina, who served as the consort of Roman emperor Commodus between 178 and 191 AD.

Valued at £2,500-3,000, the coin's reverse shows Venus seated, holding victory and a sceptre in her hands with a dove beneath her seat. It is in good very fine condition.

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