1826 Capped Bust Half Dollar to lead Heritage Auctions' US Coins

A fine example of the 1826 Capped Bust Half Dollar is set to see some of the highest bids in Heritage Auctions' July 11-14 US Coins Signature Auction in Orlando.

1826 Capped Bust Half Dollar
The cracks on the coin show that it is a late die state example, with the die worn through use

The coin is a late die state premium gem, which has been graded MS66. Currently selling for $5,500, it can expect to see similar results to an almost identical example that sold for $15,275 at Heritage in April 2013.

The reverse of the coin has die cracks through the tops of "NITED STATES" and "MERICA", which is due to wear on the die used to strike the coin.

There are just six other examples of the coin that are graded MS66 and none higher. This example boasts an attractive patina with violet and light blue peripheral toning that accents its golden surfaces.

1864 Seated Liberty dollar
The US civil war contributed heavily to the 1864 issue's rarity today

Also starring in the sale is an 1864 Seated Liberty Dollar, which is graded MS63 and currently selling for $3,250. Another MS63-graded example, of which there are just six known, sold for $6,325 in 2011.

The issue is rarely seen at auction due to a number of issues, which include a low mintage of 30,700 pieces and the extensive hoarding of what little silver was coined during the US civil war, as well as exportation and melting.

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