Ancient coins set to soar at Pegasi Auctions

Pegasi auctions of Missouri and Pennsylvania is offering an impressive range of rare coins and antiquities in two weeks' time in a sale comprising several hundred lots.

The sale is a Bid or Buy auction, meaning that the listings allow you to buy outright at the given price, and only offer a mere bid if you would like it for less.  Appropriately for an auctioneer named after a creature - Pegasus - from Greek myth, the prize pieces are coins from Thrace and Alexandria:

Firstly, a highly attractive silver coin in excellent condition dates from 386-375 BC and depicts a powerful Griffin preparing to spring on the obverse with a nude image of the god Apollo carrying a laurel branch and patera and accompanied by a stag.

Thracian silver coin

Once part of the Fekula collection, the Tetradrachm is offered at $7,500.

Pipping it to the top spot is a Gold Octadrachm from the reign of Ptolemy II in Alexandria from 285-246 BC. The Veiled head of Arsinoe II facing right appears on the obverse, whilst a double cornucopia appears on the reverse. It is very rare and in very fine or better condition, justifying its listing at $11,500.

Ptolemy II gold coin

Internet bidding for all the coins in the sale is available now, and continues until August 18. Alternatively, a range of fine rare coins outside the auction is also available now.


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