Al-Muntasir Baghdad dinar to star at $38,000 in Islamic coin sale

A stunning gold dinar from the reign of Baghdad caliph al-Muntasir will highlight an upcoming sale of Islamic coins on July 17 in London.

Al-muntasir gold dinar Islamic coin
The coin's rarity stems from al-Muntasir's short-lived reign

The coin is expected to feature as top lot due to its superb state of preservation and rarity. Originating from AD 862, the coin is well struck and is almost free from patina. Its rarity stems from al-Muntasir's short half-year reign over Baghdad, which ended prematurely with his death in June 862.

Al-Muntasir, or He that Truimphs in the Lord, became the Abbasid caliph in Baghdad after his father was "mysteriously" killed by a Turkish soldier in December 861 - just after he announced al-Muntasir as his eventual successor. Al-Muntasir took the throne that very same day, with the support of a Turkish faction.

It is not certain what killed the caliph six months later in June 862, though some reports implicate his two brothers in the crime. The dinar is expected to bring £20,000-25,000 and will feature among numerous coins from the reign of his father al Mutawakkil and successor al-Mu'tazz, with estimates ranging from £120-2,500.

Also featuring will be two gold uniface plaquettes from a "square in circle" dinar of the Nasrid ruler, Ali bin Sa'd. Each features a five line inscription in Kufic within a floral border, with both in extremely fine condition and of the highest rarity. They are expected to bring a combined £6,000-8,000.

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