1921 Leeward Islands banknote may see $16,000 at UK auction


A rare 1921 banknote issued in the Leeward Islands could see high bids at a July 15 auction in Suffolk, UK.

10 shilling leeward islands banknote auction
An extremely rare find with impeccable provenance

No ordinary note, the 10 shilling originates from Antigua and bears the serial number 00001. The very first of the issue, it was once held in the possession of WD Auchinleck (pronounced Affleck), who served as auditor general of Antigua and is himself one of the signatories on the note.

There were only ever two denominations of banknote issued on the Leeward Islands, a five shilling and 10 shilling, both of which are not featured in the respected Pick Catalogue. An exceedingly rare find, the note is almost never encountered at auction, prompting an estimate of £8,000-10,000.

Also featuring will be the British two guinea piece, which was first struck in 1709. Featuring a draped bust of Queen Anne on one side and the four crowns of the recently formed Kingdom of Great Britain on the reverse, the coin is in extremely fine condition, verging on uncirculated. Devalued only slightly by a tiny flaw which was created when first struck, the coin is very rare in such a high grade. It is expected to sell for £5,000-6,000.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a superb range of investment-grade coins available to our readers. This William IV proof crown from 1831 is a previously undiscovered variety which is currently unrecorded in the English Silver Coinage catalogue.


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