1841 Victoria sovereign auction makes $34,270 in London

An 1841 Queen Victoria sovereign was the leading lot at an Ancient, Islamic, British and World Coins and Medals auction in London on July 3-4.

The "young head" gold coin, which looks to the left, sold within estimate for £22,000.

1841 Queen Victoria sovereign
Investment-grade British coins are up 13.3% pa since 2002

The price is testament to its "virtually as struck" nature, as noted by the auction house. Examples in such fine condition are extremely rare.

The sale of the coin, which last changed hands in Boston, US in the 1960s, is further confirmation of the current buoyancy of the British coins market. The leading 200 British coins are up 13.3% pa on average since 2002, according to the GB200 Coin Index.

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Of the Greek coins, a Heiron II (275-215 BC) from Syracuse, Sicily was the clear standout piece. The extremely rare coin bears the king of Syracuse on the obverse, while on the reverse Nike drives a chariot.

In good-very fine condition, it sold at the very top of its £10,000-15,000 valuation.

The highlight of the Roman coins section was a Maximian Hercules aureus from AD 286-305. Another "virtually as struck" lot, this key factor helped it to a within estimate £7,000, despite some scuffing to the edge and minor marks.

Believed to be an unpublished specimen, it features Jupiter seated holding Victory and a sceptre.

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