$71k 1799 US coin leads post-auction sale

Heritage Auction Galleries' 2009 October Signature US Coin Auction #1130 finishes tomorrow, and post-auction lots are already available for numismatists keen to get in on the action.

A 1799 $1 Irregular Date, 13 Stars Reverse MS63 PCGS is currently the most valuable post-auction coin, presently valued at $71,876.

As its name suggests, the second finest 1799 B-15, BB-152 has 13 reverse stars. It is extraordinary for its quality, and ranks among the finest known.

Dave Bowers wrote in 1993: "Most examples of 1799 BB-152 are in lower grades. Any coin grading AU or better is especially notable. Only a few Mint State coins are known."

Behind the 1799 $1 is a remarkable 1805 10C 4 Dime Berries, JR-2, MS66 PCGS. The 1805 JR-2 dime is the second commonest Draped Bust variety behind the 1807.

The coin ideal for collectors who want a single example of the design and, according to Heritage, only a few could possibly exceed this piece for its quality. It is priced at $51,750.

The 1942/1-D 10C MS67 Full Bands NGC is the only MS67 Full Bands example in the combined certified population (9/09), and its desirability cannot be overstated.

Boasting a remarkably bold strike, it is valued at $40,250, with over five days left to bid.

Bids on the post auction lots are due to close on October 29. For more information, visit the Heritage Auction Galleries website.

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