1879 $4 Flowing Hair sells for $161k

Heritage Auction Galleries' online US signature coin sale drew to a close on October 24, with a number of major highlights delivering on the promise shown in our earlier auction updates.

As we previously reported, the 1879 $4 Flowing Hair, Judd-1635, Pollock-1833, R.3, PR65 NGC was in the lead, and eventually emerged as the top lot in the sale.

Designed by William Barber, the Judd was originally intended to rebalance the proportion of gold to silver used in manufacturing the coins, in order to promote and develop the burgeoning US silver markets.

The 1879, regarded with awe and fascination by numismatists, eventually brought $161,000.

1879 $4 Flowing Hair, Judd-1635, Pollock-1833, R.3, PR65 NGC
The 1879 $4 Flowing Hair, Judd-1635 eventually sold for $161k

The second highest sale was the exceptional 1925-S $20 MS66 NGC. One of the prime condition rarities in its series, the 1925-S Saint-Gaudens double eagle went home with one lucky bidder for $149,500.

Elsewhere, the 1927-S $20 MS66 NGC double eagle may often be overshadowed in today's market by its close cousin, the 1927-D. But, though less rare than the Denver issue, the Saint-Gaudens double eagle sold for an impressive $109,250.

Just behind it was a rare, problem-free Choice AU condition 1851 $50 LE Humbert Fifty Dollar, 887 Thous. 50 Rev. AU55 PCGS.

1851 $50 LE Humbert Fifty Dollar, 887 Thous. 50 Rev. AU55 PCGS
1851 $50 LE Humbert Fifty Dollar ($92k)

The distinctive octagonal-shaped slug brought $92,000.

Another exceptional double eagle was the 1929 $20 MS65 PCGS.CAC. Imports from overseas have made this once-incredibly rare coin more widely available in recent years. Nevertheless, it still brought at respectable $89,125.

One of the stand-out lots throughout the sale, the 33.85 Ounces 1855-57 Kellogg & Humbert Gold Ingot - recovered from the SS Central America, and featuring what is believed to be an impression left by a double eagle on its surface - sold for $69,000.

Also among the higher performers was the controversial 1969-S 1C Doubled Die MS63 Red NGC. FS-101, formerly FS-028.

The 33.85 Ounces 1855-57 Kellogg & Humbert Gold Ingot
Kellogg & Humbert Gold Ingot ($69k)

In its earliest years, the 1969-S Doubled Die cent was subjected to a "witch hunt" by the Secret Service, due to the appearance of counterfeit Philadelphia 1969 cents at the time.

Five genuine coins were mistakenly destroyed by the US Government. But this example was one of the survivors, and brought $57,500.

If you missed the sale, but would still like to get in on the action, Heritage are offering a number of post-auction lots, open to bidding until Thursday (October 29).

So far, post-auction highlights include a 1799 $1 Irregular Date, 13 Stars Reverse MS63 PCGS, and a remarkable 1805 10C 4 Dime Berries, JR-2, MS66 PCGS.

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