5th century Sicilian tetradrachm up 48% on estimate on June 11

A Sicilian tetradrachm minted in Naxos in the 5th century BC has sold for ?�74,400 ($125,223) against a ?�50,000 ($84,126) estimate, an increase of 48.8%.

The lot crossed the block at Morton & Eden on June 11.

tetradrachm Sicilian coin
The tetradrachm was issued in Naxos, Siciliy in the 5th century BC

Tom Eden, co-founder and specialist, told Paul Fraser Collectibles: "The Naxos tetradrachm of circa 460 BC is widely recognised as one of the great masterpieces of numismatic art of the early classical period.

"Struck from one pair of dies only, the coinage was studied by the numismatist Herbert Cahn in 1944 when he recorded as many as 56 extant examples, many of which were in museum collections.

"Since Cahn wrote his article others have come to light and examples do turn up at auctions on a fairly regular basis, perhaps one or two specimens each year."

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