$32,700 gold medal celebrates a great Russian victory at Kuenker Coins
As we've reported, Kuenker Coins has an impressive series of auctions lined up at the end of September.

Few numismatists could fail to be impressed by the range on offer as Ancient, Medieval, German, Swedish, Russian and Chinese rare coins are all strongly represented. We've already taken a brief look at a coin from the Julius Hagander Collection.

Presumably noting the trending markets, Kuenker has set an auction aside for Russian and Chinese coins alone.

One of the highlights is a 1714 gold medal, by I. Konstantinov (a late imprinting), which commemorates the Battle of Storkyro and the intake of Vasa on February 19 of that year.

Gold medallion Battle of Storkyro obverse
Gold medallion celebrating the Battle of Storkyro (obverse)

The obverse shows an armoured bust facing right, with a laurel wreath and mantle folded down.

On the reverse, Victory with a laurel wreath and the Swedish flag hovers over the battlefield at Storkyro with the frozen river and the village of Napo Kyro Älv. The gold coin is of the utmost rarirty and in excellent condition.

After the withdrawal of Pälkäne, the Swedish Major General Carl Gustav Armfelt had pitched in the western Finnish town of Vasa's winter quarters with his exhausted troops.

Gold medallion Battle of Storkyro reverse
Victory hovers above the frozen river on the reverse

When he learned of the advancing Russian troops, he stopped at the village located in the town, Storkyro Napo on the river Kyro Älv, to build a camp there in order to oppose the Russian troops. On February 19, 1714 a battle took place.

Initially, the Swedes were able to pass across the frozen Kyro Älv, but after three hours and a loss of more than 2,000 men Armfelt had to withdraw with the rest of his troops. The Russians pursued the Swedes, but just as importantly occupied Vasa, the most important city in the western Finnish landscape Ostrobothnia.

The coin is expected to achieve €20,000 ($32,700) in Kuenker's sale on September 30.


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