1943 bronze cent error is headlining at Heritage

A 1943 cent struck on a bronze planchet is set to lead Heritage Auctions’ Platinum Night US coins sale in Denver, Colorado between August 2-6.

It’s offered with an opening bid of $152,750.

1943 cent Heritage

This 1943 error cent is one of 10-15 survivors

With a grade of MS62, it’s among the finest of the 10-15 known survivors.

The US Mint stopped using copper to make pennies in 1942, as the metal was needed for ammunition.

However, a few were mistakenly struck in 1942 and are among the nation’s most iconic error coins.

Heritage explains: “The rare Mint errors became legendary when nationwide rumors surfaced in the late 1940s that Henry Ford would give a new car to anyone who could find him a 1943 ‘copper’ cent.

“The rumors were false, but they made the 1943 bronze cent an overnight sensation…

“The publicity engendered by these coins captured the imagination of the general public to a high degree.

“Although the issue was controversial, the coins brought high prices whenever offered and the public's fascination with these pieces has never diminished.”

In 2012 one of these errors changed hands for $1m in a private sale.

A 1792 copper Birch cent is valued at upwards of $129,250.

The issue was designed by engraver Robert Birch and is celebrated as laying the foundations for the US coinage to follow.

Other examples have sold for as much as $564,000.

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