You can travel back to 1970s Italy in this €28,000 Maserati Merak SS

Maserati proved itself as a fine manufacturer of race cars both before and after World War Two, beginning in the 1920s. By the early '70s, the firm began to produce mid-engined versions which included the sublime Bora, and later the Maserati Merak SS.

Resembling the Bora's Berlinetta-inspired lines, this model - auctioning in Paris on October 17 - is a Version 2. It boasts a design by the great Giorgetto Giugiaro, whose previous achievements included the unforgettable Boomerang of 1970, the Ghibli and the Bora.

In all, 652 examples of the Version 2 were made, with production ending in 1983. A special version for Italy was released with a reduced engine displacement of 2,000cc. But this version boasts 3,000 cc with a beautiful V6 engine and three double-overhead cam shafts.

The 1972 Maserati Merak SS

According to the seller, the Merak has been treated to an impressive list of restoration works, including complete disassembly, changing pads, piston rings, chains and bearings. The car's valves were changed to take unleaded fuel, and its lighting and radiator are also new.

Meanwhile, the Merak's bodywork was redone in its original shade, while its upholstery was also remade in the popular 1970s material Alcantara. The car is also equipped with new Les Pirelli tires.

Described as being in excellent condition, the 1972 Maserati Merak SS is being auctioned by Osenat, based in Fontainebleau, Paris, and carries an estimate of €23,000-28,000.



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