Vintage cars from the Ensor collection star at RM's Hershey sale

One of the highlights of this year's Hershey auction, organised by RM, will be the collection of Clyde Ensor, Sr, promising an extraordinary selection of motor cars from every era.

Ensor's tastes included such cars as a 1902 Neustadt Perry, a very early 1903 Ford Model A and a 1956 Ford with less than 2,100 original miles on the clock.

Mr Ensor started collecting cars in the mid-1960s, beginning with a Ford Model T, for which he had a great passion and would ultimately acquire 14 superb examples.

Highlights in the sale (clockwise from top left) include: the 1902 Oldsmobile Curved-Dash Runabout; a 1956 Ford Mainline Sedan; a 1913 Ford Model T Mail Truck; the 1902 Neustadt-Perry; a 1931 Lincoln Model K 7-Passenger Touring; and a 1903 Ford Model A with Rear Entry Tonneau
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Like so many true enthusiasts, he particularly enjoyed the hunt - not just for the car itself but subsequently for the rare parts required to restore it to period-correct specification, just the way it had left the factory.

Mr Ensor eventually became a mainstay at the annual meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and never brought a car for judging unless he was absolutely convinced it could be an award winner.

Over 25 cars will be offered in Hershey from the Ensor Collection when the sale takes place on October 8 in Pennsylvania.


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