Unique Item of the Week... The three-seater Czech motorcycle

An unusual two-wheeled contraption is this week's Unique Item, featured alongside penny farthings and other historic idiosyncrasies at Bonhams' recent sale of Vintage and Collectors' Motorcycles.

The auction, which took place on February 27, featured an important collection of 100 motorcycles, predominantly 1950s machines, from a European collection.

And among the more curious examples to appear was the 1937 Böhmerland 603cc Langtouren.

The 1937 Böhmerland 603cc Langtouren, sold for £36,150

Czechoslovakia played a major role in the development of the European motorcycle industry from the earliest days of the 20th Century.

Among the nation's many innovative designs was the four-cylinder motorcycle, in 1905, and the three-seater motorcycle - of which this Böhmerland is an example.

The three seater machine is one of Czechoslovakia's most celebrated motorcycles, and was manufactured from 1925 to 1939.

Today, only 30-or-so Böhmerlands are thought to still exist. This example sold for £36,150.

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