Tramontana's $2.95m chameleon supercar

You could argue that the Spanish twin-turbocharged V12 Tramontana R supercar was unique enough already.

But the release of a new Tramontana has stepped this up a gear, with a version of the car hand-painted by the renowned artist Fernand Leal-Audirac.

The car is valued at $2.95m million, according to Luxist, and will go on sale via the global online luxury marketplace JamesList.

Customised twin-turbocharged V12 Tramontana R
The Tromontana's bodywork paint contains gold and gem powder

Leal-Audirac reportedly used special metallic paints laced with gold and power from precious gems, which partly accounts for the car's price tag.

The paints, adorning the unique car's carbon and fibre bodywork, apparently change colour in reaction to movement and light from purple to cobalt blue, and from green to gold.

The Tramontana R V12 boasts a 760hp engine and a 0-100 kph time of 3.6 seconds, reports Autoblog. The non-painted version was unveiled earlier this year.

The design a homage to the famous Hispano-Suiza marque.

It is "the synthesis of the artist's poetic vision in which art, tradition, technique, design and technology coexist through a constant research, incarnating the charm, the myth and the dynamics of contemporaneity," according to Leal-Audirac.


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