400 classic cars to appear in Canada

Dan Spendick set up the Classic Car Auction of Toronto sale in the 1990s while partnered with RM auctions. It has grown to become the largest event of its kind in Canada.

This is not the only classic automobile show to be held in Canada recently, with the renowned Al Webster collection appearing for sale just a few days ago.

Starting tomorrow at 3pm EST in Ontario, and continuing until 4pm Sunday, this auction will showcase a number of classics, some without reserve prices.

The highlights will include a 1967 Jaguar XKE (or 'E-type') restored to its former glory. Enzo Ferrari once described the model as "The most beautiful car ever made."

For the classic car collector who likes some speed, a 1931 steel-bodied Ford Hot Rod Roadster might fit the bill.

Fords from around this time were the very earliest cars to be modified for straight line speed, hence becoming known as Hot Rods.

A gleaming black 1946 Cadillac Hot Rod Sedanette has also been restored and is kept in a climate-controlled garage, when it's not winning awards for Styling and Workmanship.

1962 Cadillac hotrod Sedanette
1946 Cadillac Hot Rod Sedanette

Representing locally built cars is a lovingly restored 1953 Mercury Monarch Convertible, made in Ontario. Only 232 Monarch Convertibles were built, and only six are still known to be intact. This one, painted Banff Blue, has been shown once before and won Best in Show.

There is also a small, but striking, 1965 red Chevrolet Corvette Coupé, driven only 1,000 miles over the 18 years the most recent owner had it.

1965 Chevrolet Corvette
1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Unlike any of these is a finely preserved Packard 110 Convertible from 1941. Although it isn't one of Packard's famously opulent makes, the workmanship behind the automobile is striking, and it should be a popular lot.

There will be something on offer to grab the attention of any car lover. "Just like a new box of chocolates," as Dan Spendick puts it.

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