The €40,000 car that defied the recession

The two door boat-tail CGSs, aside from the ultimate C6, is one of the rarest of all Amilcars. It is also a great automotive example of success in the face of adversity.

It was manufactured due to Amilcar's impending bankruptcy. Due to this, the firm's St Denis workers in Paris had no other option than to build their own bodies instead of ordering them from body makers Duval.

The workers invested their expertise, normally focussed on chassis and engines, and successfully turned the CGS into a marketing success.

The 1928 Amilcar CG SS, estimated at €30,000-€40,000

Not only that, Amilcar produced an automobile which is today regarded as one of the finest design examples of the cyclecar era.

Today, only a few of the two door boat-tails have survived, one of which will feature in RM Auction's highly anticipated Monaco sale.

The CGS will auction on May 1 with an estimate of €30,000-€40,000. It is offered without reserve.

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