Supercharged Daimler-Benz auto brings €398k

The third annual Bonhams Rétromobile sale in Paris witnessed some extraordinary results on Saturday, January 23.

Most remarkable among these was the sale of a 1925 Bugatti Type 22, rescued after 70 years underwater at Lake Maggiore.

It transpires that the historic car's fate hung in the balance: the under bidder planned to fully-restore the Type 22, whereas the new owner will exhibit the car in its present state.

Elsewhere, other highlights in the sale - alongside the 1935 Hispano-Suiza T56 Torpedo - included a truly legendary automobile: the 1929 Mercedes-Benz 630K Coupe-Chauffeur.

Just as the T56 resulted from a collaboration between Spanish and French designers, the 630K was produced by both Daimler and Benz after the Great War.

The 1929 Mercedes-Benz 630K Coupe-Chauffeur (€398k)

The war had, of course, ravaged Germany's economy. And if the great rivals Daimler and Benz were to survive, they would have to work together.

Following the completion of their merger on 1st July 1926, the joint-manufacturer's cars became the stuff of legend - overseen by Professor Ferdinand Porsche.

The 630K was among the world's first supercharged supercars made by the firm. It boasted a single-overhead-camshaft six-cylinder engine producing a mighty 160bhp.

It could justifiably claim to be the world's fastest production touring car, with a top speed of over 90mph (145km/h).

Affordable to only the wealthiest of connoisseurs, the Model K was produced in strictly limited numbers - only 267 of all types being completed between 1926 and 1932.

Of these, only a relative handful of 630Ks were bodied by Carrozzeria Castagna - one of which, chassis number '36278', was the beautiful example offered at Bonhams.

This majestic and important automobile left the auction block priced €398,000.

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