The British royal family are more known for their horse drawn carriages than motor cars, although Prince Charles and Camilla were glad to be behind their bullet and paint-proof Rolls-Royce during December's student protests.

Although some may say that the royal family live in the dark ages, we can't expect them to always travel in such a manner. Here is our top five of the most collectible Royal cars.

5. Pippa Middleton's £5,000 VW Golf


A VW Golf once owned by Kate Middleton's sister Pippa recently sold for £5,000 on eBay. The three-door run-around was made in 2001 and has 89,084 miles on the clock. There are some suggestions that Kate may also have owned the vehicle at one stage.

It once having belonged to Pippa, the tabloids would no doubt tell you that the car has a shapely rear end, its bodywork is in perfect condition, and that it would be good fun on a long weekend in the country - although you'll hear none of that here.

It is now thought that her latest model, a BMW Z4, is bomb proof, following the increased attention she has garnered of late.

4. Kate Middleton's first car

Kate's VW is still up for grabs


A 2001 VW Golf which Kate, later Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, owned while at St Andrews University appeared on eBay earlier this month, but despite receiving a top bid of £48,100, failed to meet its reserve.

Kate received a ticket in 2007 when parking the car outside her Chelsea home, despite arguing with the attendant - hardly behaviour becoming of a future queen of England.

Its current owner Sonny Brazil has described the Golf as "…the best piece of Royal History anyone could have", although we argue that Henry VIII's divorce letter might get the nod on that front.

3. George VI's £29,325 Lanchester


A Lanchester 32hp Straight-8 Limousine once owned - and personally driven - by King George VI, sold for £29,325 at Bonhams in 2009, slightly down on its £35,000 estimate.

It was bought in 1939, and the king reportedly drove his family around in it himself - hence the sumptuous cloth seating throughout, instead of the usual leather for a chauffer's seat.

2. The Queen's Daimler Majestic V8

A Daimler owned by the Queen in the 1980s


The Queen's Daimler Majestic V8, which she personally clocked up 12,000 miles in between 2001 and 2004, sold for an unspecified sum at a Peter Ratcliffe sale in 2010.

Featuring a handbag holder and lambskin rugs for the corgis, it once had a direct line to Downing Street and the Home Office.

1. Prince Charles's Aston Martin


Prince William's and Kate's drive about in Prince Charles's Aston Martin DB6 was one of the highlights of the royal wedding in April.

The car was a 21st birthday gift to Charles from his mother, the Queen, in 1969. Run entirely on British wine, this lovely motor, which has a wonderful history, would be a huge hit if it ever came to auction.


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