Harry Potter's Ford Anglia stars in eBay's $1.6m movie cars sale

Classic cars from famous films and television programmes are heading to auction.

Cars used in movies such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Harry Potter will soon be available for all to buy on eBay.

The vehicles come from the Cars of the Stars museum in the Lake District, England. The museum's owner, Peter Nelson, has decided to sell a number of cars to create space for new exhibits.

The collection is expected to make more than £1m.

Highlights include a 1919 T Ford used in the Laurel and Hardy programmes, a Ford Anglia seen in the Harry Potter films and Only Fools and Horses' Robin Reliant.

Back to the Future III's DeLorean
publicity car is for sale

A number of replica vehicles are also up for grabs, including a DeLorean used to publicise Back to the Future III.

"I have managed to get all the main cars from the most celebrated film and television shows ever, " said Nelson.  "A lot of Americans think it's amazing that I've got all this way over the other side of the world in a little museum in England.

"There is the odd museum in the US with one or two famous cars, but there's nothing close to our one in Keswick. Every car I have is unique with its own distinct and cherished history," he added.

Nelson began his collection in the 80s after Granada Television asked to borrow his MG TC for The Spoils of War. This move prompted Nelson to hatch the idea of building a motor museum. Following a two year hunt to acquire a healthy collection the museum opened in 1989.

The collection goes to show how a passion for collectibles, such as movie memorabilia, can turn into a worthwhile investment.


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