Great Collections: Unveiling the mysteries of Tammy Allen's car collection

And these words certainly sum-up the conclusions we reached when Paul Fraser Collectibles last featured Tammy Allen as a 'Great Collector' in our newsletter.

Our report largely drew a blank, apart for some enticing details: such as Allen's head-turning purchase of the No 5 Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang, bought for $352,000 in October 2009. Also, her love of Dodge Viper automobiles.

Since then, Allen has remained exceptionally popular - not only with Paul Fraser Collectibles' readers but also on Google. This included "tammy allen car collector" ranking as the world's #6 top Google search in August 2010. Yet Allen's popularity was overshadowed by her mystery...

Users of the Viper Club of American (VCA) web forum were equally perplexed. "Anyone know who this Tammy Allen car collector chick is?" posted one user. "Tammy Allen bought dozens of cars last year [2009]," wrote another. "She does get what she wants," they added tentatively...

Tammy Allen with her gold Hurst Vipers

The 'mysterious' car collector Tammy Allen, pictured with her gold Hurst Vipers automobiles

Elsewhere, there was also some much-publicised controversy surrounding Tammy's father, Bill Allen. The former chief executive officer of the Alaska-based oil pipeline service VECO Corp is currently jailed for federal bribery, conspiracy and tax violations.

Yet, aside from these, a couple more clues dangled like carrots on sticks suggested that the mysteries of Tammy Allen wouldn't last forever. Firstly: that Allen was planning on using her collection of Vipers and other classic cars to set up a high-end rental business. Secondly: that she was even planning to found a museum...

If Tammy Allen was as adept at self-promotion as her #6 Google ranking suggested, Paul Fraser Collectibles figured it was only a matter of time before we'd hear more about her. Now, eight months after the initial Google mystery, we can finally lift the veil on Tammy Allen...

We can reveal that to find Ms Allen you need look no further than 2285 River Road of Grand Junction, Colorado, United States - just north of the Colorado National Monument.

There, you'll find a choice of 100 vehicles. These include a 2009 hot pink stretch Mini Cooper limousine (with a bathtub in the rear), a 1913 Ford Model T and - yes - even the 2009 Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang famously bought by Allen and autographed by Lee Iacocca, the Chrysler impresario.

The 2009 Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang, bought by Tammy Allen in 2009

These cars are part of Allen Unique Autos, the collector's much-vaunted limousine and classic car rental business - each expertly buffed to a shine. The collection also includes two 1954 Kaiser Darrin roadsters.

And that's not all... According to Allen's interview with the auto art website, Stingrays Studios, the site will also house Allen's car museum, could one day become a venue where collectors buy and sell cars, and may even eventually boast an events center for wedding receptions and similar events.

So what motivates Tammy Allen - is it simply money? Not according to an interview on Allen Unique Autos' website. Tammy herself says that her love of cars was inherited from her father Bill...

"I suppose I got it from my dad. As a kid, I remember watching him spend hours polishing and detailing our family car... The first time I saw a Jaguar, I was hooked. I loved the body style - they're so elegant and sophisticated. Even still, I have a lingering obsession with Jaguars."

Meanwhile, as Paul Fraser Collectibles often extols the virtues of collecting as a way to enhance your lifestyle, Ms Allen is doing so with aplomb. Having stepped away from VECO's boardroom (she no longer has any ties with the company), she is now taking her passion for collector cars into the media spotlight...

Tammy Allen's passion isn't limited to muscle cars - her collection includes older gems, including a 1938 Cadillac convertible

The reputation built by Allen in Barrett-Jackson's auction saleroom and elsewhere has reportedly landed her two Speed Channel shows (Barrett-Jackon's online channel). The first is a documentary on her auction buys while the second, entitled My Classic Car, is set to air sometime this year.

These programmes will likely showcase a number of Allen's recent purchases which are presently stored in her Grand Junction hangar - including such classics as a 1937 Ford Custom Wildrod pickup, a 1968 Camaro SS, a 1931 Ford pickup and a 1938 Cadillac convertible.

Needless to say, with her car rental company, planned museum, media appearances and - no doubt - more future auction appearances keeping her busy, Tammy Allen is certainly living up to her early promise of being one of the classic car collectors to watch in 2011.

Keep your eyes on Paul Fraser Collectibles for all the latest Tammy Allen car collecting news.


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