Bentley Blower racing car offered at Historics

The Bentley “Blower” is among the most iconic British cars of all time.  

It was designed as a repost to the racers tearing up the continent and swiftly proved itself a worthy competitor, taking 2nd place in its debut at the 1928 French Grand Prix.

Collectors will be offered a rare opportunity to purchase one in Historics at Brooklands’ sale on November 25.

Bentley Blower Historics

The Bentley Blower is a legendary British racer

This example was produced in 1929 and displays coachwork by the celebrated Belgian maker Vanden Plas.

Only 50 production models were made. With a top speed of close to 100mph, there was nothing on the roads to match it at the time.

The auction house comments: “This is an exemplary feat of engineering paired to some originality and is undoubtedly the finest of its type available on the market worldwide today, indeed a true rarity.”

The lot is valued at up to £875,000 ($1.1m).

Modern-day supercars are the big ticket items in the sale, but there’s also likely to be interest in the tiny 1980 Ligier JS4.

This French micro car used a tractor cab as the basis for its design. As it’s only powered by a 50cc engine, it could be driven without a driving licence.

Unfortunately, there’s no estimate available.

Micro cars have a big following. A 1964 Peel Trident sold for $140,250 earlier this year.

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