£30,000 Jaguar S3 proves that collectors still can't resist the E-Type

Is the Jaguar E-Type the best British classic car investment on the market? It's certainly unlike anything else, with examples of the marque regularly auctioning for around £25,000.

This is remarkably affordable compared to the prices realised by its era's competitors like the Aston Martin DB4 and DB5, Maserati and especially Ferrari, whose cars often realise hundreds of thousands at auction.

Earlier this week, the automobile once described by Enzo Ferrari himself as "The most beautiful car ever built" proved itself as an alternative investment once again at Barons' British Heritage auction on September 7.

The car in question was an E-Type S3 Roadster from 1972. With a 5,300cc V12 engine under its bonnet, the car was originally released in retaliation to the era's restrictive emission regulations.

Before to the Series Three, the E-Type was being outperformed by its competitors - but the S3 soon put paid to that. Wider and longer, it was a heavily modified version of its predecessors.

To this day, the S3 boasts 285bhp on tap. Back in its heyday, this E-Type could outperform most of the opposition with its 140 mph-plus top speed and turbine-like power delivery.

The E-Type S3 Roadster, built in 1972

The S3 was available in two versions, coupé or roadster, with the latter version appearing at Barons. It was originally bought by the vendor in California in 1988 and then imported back to the UK.

After being run for two years, the car was treated to a major restoration: stripped back to its bare metal, repainted in black and converted to right-hand drive.

Works to the vehicle included a full rebuilt of its V12, along with the gearbox and axle. The whole restoration was carried out by the highly-respected Mick Rowley.

Meanwhile, the car's interior was re-trimmed by experts Trimmania, using magnolia leather throughout and a mohair hood to finish the car off.

Additional works included adjustable shock absorbers, rebuilt instruments and fuel pumps and a stainless steel exhaust system.

Sitting on chrome wires, this stunning-looking S3 sold with a photo record of its restoration/rebuild with invoices and MOTs, and realised a final value of £30,000.


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