1952 Ford F1 Pickup, 'beautifully restored', stars in US classic car sale

Here's a reminder that the classic car markets aren't only limited to history's sleekest and most-stylish automobiles.

Like this 1952 Ford F1 Pickup, for instance. This beautiful restoration of the ever popular F1 pickup is up for sale in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 29-31.

The vehicle's exterior boasts a period-accurate two-stage Vermillion Red paint job with powder coated wheels and classic wide whitewall tires.

1952 Ford F1 Pickup410.jpg
The classic Ford F1 Pickup - could it sell for $27,000 or more?

Under the bonnet is 215/101 of horsepower, courtesy of the F1's cost clipper engine which is complimented by a 3-speed manual transmission.

Attention to detail in this 1952 Ford F1 Pickup's restoration extends to the car's interior, which includes an original Ford radio and heater.

Other Ford F1 pickups from this vehicle's era have commanded prices in the region of $27,000 at the world's top classic car auctions.

It will be interesting to see how this beautifully restored 1952 Ford F1 Pickup does in Kansas, later this month.

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