Richard III signed document to make $125,000 at auction?

Following the discovery of his body in February, Nate D Sanders auction house is offering a document signed by the British king Richard III in an auction that closes on April 2.

Richard III signed document
Richard III signed documents are incredibly rare, with only three known to have auctioned in the last 30 years

The letter will sell with a $75,000-125,000 estimate. It was signed by Richard before he took the throne, sometime between 1473 and 1477.

The document is signed "R. Gloucestre", with Richard holding the title of Duke of Gloucester at the time. He signs as the Lord President of the Council of the North, a title bestowed upon him by his brother Edward IV. The council sought to exert greater governmental control over northern England.

He writes to a group of Westmorland councillors, asking that they settle a land dispute with the 2nd Earl of Westmorland quietly, "so that neyther partie have cause to sue unto us for remedy in that behalve herafter."

The document shows Richard's growing power following his brother's accession to the throne. It is one of less than a dozen such Richard-signed documents, many of which reside in public institutions, and one of only three to have come up for auction in the last 30 years.

It is in relatively good condition for a document of such age, though has holes and paper loss in places.

Find out why Richard III and the discovery of his body matter to the collectibles sector.

We have a magnificent selection of historical manuscripts for sale, from some of Britain's most iconic and notorious monarchs.

This Henry VIII signed document is dated 1797 and is unusually large for a document of its type. We also have a spectacular example from Elizabeth I, which is accompanied by the majestic Great Seal of the Realm.

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