Gutenberg Bible leaf auctions at Swann Galleries on April 11

Remarkable examples of early printed books, including a circa 1450-1455 Gutenberg Bible leaf, are to auction at Swann Galleries in New York on April 11.

Unusually, the single leaf, which bears the text of Wisdom (5:23-8:7), has been hinged into a copy of A Edward Newton's A Noble Fragment. The exemplary incunable has been given a $40,000-$50,000 valuation.

Gutenberg Bible auction Swann Galleries
Johann Gutenberg invented moveable type in the 15th century – a mechanical way of making books, which were previously copied out by hand. Gutenberg’s invention did not make him rich, but it laid the foundations for the mass production of books and the expansion of literacy

The Gutenberg Bible was the first major work to be printed with moveable type methods in the West. Before the advent of this early printing technology, books were reproduced by hand, generally by monks. The Gutenberg Bible is said to mark the start of the "Gutenberg Revolution" - a new age of printed books, wider dissemination of textual material, and increased levels of literacy.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a number of investment grade books and manuscripts in stock, including this extraordinarily rare King Henry VIII autographed document from 1547.

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