'Pottermore' profit... Harry Potter collectibles could provide magical returns


Harry Potter has become a worldwide phenomenon during the last 14 years, and since the first book launched on June 30 1997, it has spawned hit films, countless children's toys and even a theme park.

Despite the main series of books having finished in 2007 with the publication of the final novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there has been speculation ever since that more works would be released in the future to carry on the saga.

Now that expectation has reached fever pitch as tomorrow, June 23, a new project is set to be unveiled. Last week a website was set up, showing nothing more than a couple of interactive owls - a trademark of the series - and the word Pottermore.

It sparked wild speculation among fans about what the project could possibly be, and this was made even more rife when a post on social networking site Twitter said 'the owls are getting ready to deliver some exciting news'.

Unsurprisingly a lot of rumours were flying around, with some thinking it might be a new online game or social networking fansite, and others hoping rather optimistically that it will be an eighth book.

Unfortunately, those hoping for a new Harry Potter novel were left disappointed, while other fans who guessed a new game was in the offing were spot-on... at least says the UK's Guardian newspaper.

A Potter-based treasure hunt entitled Pottermore is Rowling's new project, reportedly according to a "leaked memo".

Either way, the enduring popularity of the Harry Potter franchise among fans was plain to see amidst the building hype...


As one of the most popular series of novels and films released during the last 20 years, there is every reason to believe that memorabilia and collectibles associated with the wizarding world will become more valuable in time and make viable investments.

Previous hits like the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and James Bond films have each created a plethora of valuable collectibles associated with them, and if the popularity of the Harry Potter tales endures, it could too.


Indeed, items connected to author J.K. Rowling are already considered to be valuable, such as the incredibly rare one-of-a-kind unpublished work above, written by her in 1994 for Jack David Buchanan. 

It provides a fascinating example of Rowling's prose, and contains unique illustrations.

As well as original works, even signed copies of the main books can sell for high prices now, like this one on sale for £1,750. They could become much more valuable in the coming years, as they become rarer and a new generation of Potter fans emerges.


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