Godfather author Mario Puzo's archive offered at RR Auction

Godfather author Mario Puzo's personal archive will be offered in a single lot at RR Auction, with the sale due to run from February 11 to February 18.

It contains a staggering wealth of materials, including Puzo's original draft manuscripts for all his books, including The Godfather (originally titled Mafia).

Godfather Mario Puzo
The archive contains documents relating to the entirety of Puzo's career

There are exhaustive letters and documents relating to the production of the film, from its earliest stages to its release.

One such example is a letter from Puzo to Marlon Brando in March 1970, published by The Wall Street Journal, which reveals the role of Don Corleone almost went to someone else.

Puzo wrote to Brando in January that year explaining that he envisaged him in the role. However, Brando was known as a difficult and demanding actor and the studio was less than enthusiastic about having him on board.  

Puzo writes: "They are very cool, seem to have other ideas.

"So unless you have read the book and want to use your muscle I guess thats it. [sic] I'm sorry I wasted your time.

"I still think it was a good idea. And thanks for taking the trouble to call and talk to me."

Robert Livingstone of RR Auctions told the Wall Street Journal: "It's not often that you get somebody's entire archive.

"These things usually end up in institutions."

The collection, which includes Puzo's typewriter, is expected to sell for around $400,000. It's likely to attract bids from high profile museums as well as collectors.

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