'The nicest, sweetest letters in the world'... James Dean's love notes are for sale

Love letters from the Rebel without a Cause himself, James Dean, are set to go under the hammer at Christie's as part of their Film and Entertainment Memorabilia auction on November 23 in London.

The handwritten notes were sent to Barbara Glenn, who dated Dean for two years, on and off. There are three of them, which are to be sold separately, all dating to 1954.

Dean died in a car crash in 1955, just as he was set to become a major star.

In January 10 1954, he tells Glenn about rehearsals for a Broadway adaptation of The Immoralist. Dean is confident about its prospects, predicting that it will "probably be a monster success", but wasn't impressed with it himself, frankly calling it "a piece of sh*t".

Another letter dates to May 7, a month into filming his first starring role, in East of Eden.

The final letter appears to threaten a break-up as he tells her: "Darling I haven't written because I have fallen in love."

But this is revealed to be a prank as he goes on to say that he is referring to his horse "Cisco the kid". He also thanks her for "the nicest, sweetest letters in the world".

In total, the letters are expected to sell for £16,000 ($25,400).

James Dean stands tall in the collectibles markets, with a phenomenon sometimes known as the 'James Dean Effect' named after him.

James Dean signed photograph
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This is where a glamorous or celebrated star dies young and their initial first impression remains undiluted by the years, causing the limited memorabilia they've left behind to become greatly sought after.

In fact, Dean is such an icon that even those who are Hollywood Royalty in their own right seek the glamour of the star. Just last month, Jennifer Aniston paid $12,000 for a jacket Dean wore, as a gift to her boyfriend.

His own autograph's value goes from strength to strength according to the PFC40 index rising 681.3% from 2000 to 2010, so the letters and photographs signed by the star are greatly coveted by investors.

In fact, we are currently offering a photograph signed by Dean himself as pictured above, about which we are so confident that it qualifies for our 120% guarantee. That is, if you buy it and still own it after five years, you have the option of trading it in to buy other pieces of our stock at 120% of its value.

How's that for a good deal? But we have reason to be confident about its covetability. Paul has only handled a dozen or so in his career as they are so rare, and this is the best we've seen in years.


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