'Failed' space mission Apollo 13 could win at Astronaut Scholarship Fund sale
As we've reported, the Astronaut Scholarship Fund is once more offering a range of exciting astronaut experiences and memorabilia including a space-flown Apollo 16 Descent Electrical DC Power Schematic Page.

That has doubled its opening bid of $2,000 now, but it is not the current leader in the auction. That honour falls to the Apollo 13 mission in which Duke played a more unfortunate role.

This is an astronaut-signed Apollo 13 lunar map segment.

This vintage NASA lunar surface map has been autographed by five astronauts who played key roles in the flight of Apollo 13 - the 'successful failure' which never saw them reach the moon following an incident on board, but at least brought them home.

It has been signed and inscribed by Commander James Lovell, with the historically accurate version of his famous quote, "Houston, we've had a problem," as well as "Apollo 13 CDR"; Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise, "Apollo 13 LMP"; Backup Lunar Module Pilot Charlie Duke, "Apollo 13 LMP/ Typhoid Mary"; and support crewmembers Jack Lousma, "Apollo 13 CAPCOM" and Vance Brand, "Apollo 13 CAPCOM."

Apollo 13 lunar map signed Haise Lovell Duke

Duke was exposed to German measles and, as a backup to the flight, he was in close contact with the Apollo 13 original prime crew Command Module Pilot Ken Mattingly, who had not had the illness as a child.

This resulted in Mattingly being pulled from the mission, with backup Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert taking his place — hence the addition of "Typhoid Mary" to Duke's signature.

The map segment — measuring approximately 11" x 17" — was removed from an Apollo 13 "Orbital Science Chart F," 1st edition, dated February 2, 1970 for an April 11, 1970 launch date.

This highly detailed map of the lunar surface indicates orbital paths as well as a reference to "Earthshine Limits."

Having opened at $25, the lot is now carrying a bid of 100 times that at $2,500.

Watch this space for more news of this exciting auction which ends on September 3.


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