Revealing one of the few single items signed by every Apollo astronaut...
As we've reported, Regency Superior are offering a very exciting piece for space collectors everywhere with a Command Control Pressure Suit space suit of which Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin noted "I wish we had the Griffin Suit on the Moon".

However it is not the only exceptional piece of space memorabilia on offer in the sale.

Regency, which is also offering a range of rare stamps, has an item which will combines the interests of space fans and philatelists: two sheets of commemorative stamps signed by all the Apollo astronauts (with one caveat - see below).

The two full sheets of the US 6¢ Apollo 8 commemorative stamp issue has been cancelled in various cities between July 16 & July 24, 1969, on an opened, oversize cover with total dimensions of 23"x14".

There are 38 signatures of Apollo astronauts in total. Apollo 14 moonwalker John Young's signature is an autopen, but the others appear genuine.

Apollo signed stamp sheet
An astonishing collection: the Apollo astronaut signed stamp sheet
(Click to enlarge)

Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong and Aldrin both signed twice, whilst their Command Module Pilot Michael Collins has signed three times. Armstrong famously stopped signing years ago (helping the rapid increase in his autograph's value).

Other Apollo signatures include: Jack Swigert, Gene Cernan, Rusty Schweickart, Wally Schirra, Walt Cunningham, Frank Borman, Don Eisele, Scott Carpenter, Ken Mattingly, Scott Carpenter, Jim Irwin, Ron Evans, Al Worden, Alan Bean, James Lovell, Bill Anders, Jim McDivitt, Fred Haise, Dave Scott, Charles Conrad, Alan Shepard, Ed Mitchell, Stu Roosa, Richard Gordon, Gordon Cooper (back-up commander for Apollo 10), Charlie Duke and Harrison Schmitt.

The signatures of Deke Slayton (not Apollo astronaut) and John Glenn also appear, though Regency believes the Glenn signature may be dubious. Nevertheless, this is a magnificent group of autographs - it is very rare to find so many astronauts signing on one item.

Regency also note that since John Young is still signing, his personal signature could still be added to the autopen that is already present to create one of the few single items signed by all astronauts who flew on Apollo missions.

The item is currently listed at $7,500-$10,000, which seems relatively cautious as a rare photograph signed by all 29 Apollo astronauts recently sold at Heritage for $38,837. Given that the moon landings are always going to be remembered as marking a notable moment in history it will make someone an excellent alternative investment.

Memorabilia collectors will be excited to hear that a signed fedora of Michael Jackson's also appears in the sale which takes place at the weekend with online bidding closing tomorrow (June 10).


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