Beat rising hedge fund charges by investing in a Moonwalker's signature


Increasing numbers of mutual funds now also charge performance fees on top of their 1.5% flat rate.

These additional fees usually kick in if a fund performs above a particular benchmark figure.

Although this is good news that you won't be charged any extra for a poorly performing fund, why should you pay an average 20% fee when your fund starts to do what it is meant to: make you money?

The average Investment Management Association fund produced a return of 17.4% over the past five years, and while that figure is not to be sniffed at, there are better returns to be had through alternative investments, and best of all you don't have to give any profit to your manager.

Celebrity autographs offer you the potential for huge annual returns and the added attraction of being directly responsible for your money, without hoping your man in the City does his job properly.

It's easy to get trapped by hedge fund fees but alternative investments offer a way out for your money

The PFC40 autograph index, which recorded the 2000-2010 price performance of 40 of the most desirable celebrity autographs, revealed a mutual-fund-smashing average compound increase of 15.86% a year.

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, leads the way, with a 900% rise during the decade.

The Apollo 11 mission is hugely popular with investors. A photograph signed by all three crew members increased in value by 347.5% between 2000 and 2010.

And how do you start investing in space autographs?

There are plenty of items available on the private market, or, if you're in Tucson, Arizona this weekend, head on down to Spacefest III, where six of NASA's 12 moonwalkers will be hard at work, signing away.


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