Rare Steve Jobs autograph will star in October sale

An ultra-rare autograph from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is set to cross the block at RR Auction from October 20-26.

The signature appears on an October 24, 1988 copy of Newsweek that features a cover story on Jobs.

Steve Jobs signed

Steve Jobs signed this autograph after a talk in October 1988 

Steve Jobs did not like to sign autographs. While he was considered a superstar in the tech industry as far back as the late 1970s, he consciously avoided signing so as not to appear egotistical.  

This is a rare exception.

The consignor acquired it after a talk Jobs gave about his NeXt computer in Cambridge, Massachusetts in October 1988.

She explains: “Steve walked off stage, came down into the front row and plopped himself on a table next to me. I froze. I showed him a pile of magazines and asked him to pick one to autograph for me.

“He hesitated and said 'I don't do autographs' at which point I stepped closer, locked eyes and said 'then write something from your heart.' He smiled from ear to ear, picked the Newsweek and jotted the words: I love manufacturing and then signed it!"

The rarity of Jobs’ signature, combined with his status as a quasi-religious figure in the tech industry, has made it one of the most valuable in the world.

Earlier this year a poster he signed in 1992 achieved a massive $17,000. We expect this magazine to achieve a figure in that region.

Autographs offer an extraordinary link to the biggest names in history. Click here to check out our amazing selection for sale.

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