Ulysses S Grant letter to make $46,500?

A letter Union General Ulysses S Grant sent his colleague General William T Sherman on October 12, 1864 is up for grabs at Heritage.

It's of huge historical importance, hence its opening bid of $46,250.

Ulysses Grant letter

Ulysses S Grant rubber stamps Sherman's daring assault on Georgia 

It gives Sherman the go-ahead to execute his famous March to the Sea. This saw Union troops trek across Georgia, destroying infrastructure along the way.  

It culminated in the capture of Savannah, a confederate stronghold, and dramatically hastened the end of the war.

Grant writes: "On reflection I think better of your proposition. It will be much better to go South than to be forced to come North.

“You will no doubt clean the country where you go of rail-road tracks and supplies.

“I would also move every wagon, horse, mule and hoof of stock as well as the negroes.

“As far as arms can be supplied either from surplus in hand or by capture I would put them in the hands of negro men, give them such organization as you can. They will be of some use.”

It’s signed by Grant at the bottom.  

As the word “Cypher” at the top left indicates, the message would have been encrypted and sent via telegram.

The auction house describes the lot as: “One of the most significant Ulysses S. Grant letters to be offered on the market in recent memory, the communication that resulted in one of the most critical military operations of the Civil War.”

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