Rare George Custer autograph selling at $7,345 in online auction

An online sale of autographs, letters and ephemera is currently being led by a signed document from US general George Armstrong Custer.

Geore custer autograph
A brilliantly presented piece boasting a desirable second autograph

The framed and superbly presented piece is currently selling at $7,345, with a minimum bid of just $900 set by the auction house. With 16 days left before bidding closes, it looks set to see strong results, with its value boosted by a second signature.

George Custer served as a US general in both the civil and Indian wars, and was noted for establishing himself as a cavalry commander aged just 23. Following the civil war he became the field commander of the 7th Cavalry - later nicknamed the "Custer Gang" - which would eventually be wiped out at the famed Battle of Little Bighorn.

His bold signature appears on the appointment of "Joseph A McClure…Corporal in Company E of the Seventh Regiment of Cavalry in the service of the United States." This stunning commission is ornately imprinted with the American eagle beneath the heading "The Commanding Officer of the Seventh Cavalry", and makes for a fantastic display piece.

Also featuring on the document is a second signature from William Winer Cooke, 1st Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry and Adjutant of the Regiment - an autograph which greatly adds to the document's desirability. Cooke was one of Custer's most loyal men and was even found lying at the general's side, after the entire regiment was killed at Little Bighorn.

Custer's autograph is rarely seen at auction and the sale will mark the first time the long-running auction house has ever offered such an item. Here at Paul Fraser Collectibles, we specialise in sourcing the rarest autographs, and are pleased to offer our readers the chance to own a great example of the doomed general's signature at an excellent price.


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