New in: My favourite Winston Churchill item of 2020

You know that great feeling...

When you're a collector, and you find a piece with that special "something".

Something extra. Something unusual. Something charming.

The best pieces aren't always those with historic importance.

Sometimes they're the items which just make you smile.

That's why I love the item I'm about to show you.

It has that special "something".

It conjures a wonderful image of the man who signed it.

A man who shaped the modern world...

And continues to fascinate us to this day.

This delightful Winston Churchill signed letter has that extra special "something".

This is a superb Winston Churchill letter, signed as Prime Minister in December 1951.

More specifically, he signed it on December 24 – Christmas Eve.

And the subject? His Christmas dinner.

It's the first Churchill letter with Christmas content that I've seen in my 40+ year career.

And one of the few relating to one of his biggest passions in life...


It's my favourite Winston Churchill item I've handled all year.

And it's fresh in stock, ready for you to purchase today.

This is a beautifully preserved letter which would grace any collection.

In it, Churchill sends his thanks for a gift from poultry importer John Freeman:

"I am obliged to you for so kindly presenting and delivering me such a fine turkey, which my family and I will enjoy this Christmas."

It was the very first Christmas turkey donated to a British Prime Minister, marking the start of a tradition which continues to this day.

And the gift was certainly well received, because Winston Churchill's love of food was legendary.

He was known for negotiating over the dinner table, and once wrote "It is well to remember that the stomach governs the world."

Here was a man who took his Christmas dinner seriously.

Churchill was known throughout his life for 'talking turkey'. In this case literally...

Churchill spent Christmas 1951 at his country retreat Chequers, surrounded by his family.

It's easy to picture him on Christmas Day, tucking into this turkey and raising a toast (or three) to King and Country.

He was in fine spirits, having just won re-election after his "wilderness years" in opposition.

So Christmas dinner that year would have been a celebratory feast.

There would have been Champagne. Fresh vegetables from Churchill's own gardens. A substantial cheese board. A huge Christmas pudding soaked in brandy.

And of course, a cigar to finish.

This letter paints a picture of a man who always enjoyed food and family, despite carrying the weight of the free world on his shoulders.

The signature on this letter is truly superb, as crisp and clear as the day it was signed almost 70 years ago.

Winston Churchill is undoubtedly one of the most important figures of the 20th century.

He stood bravely against an axis of evil in the world's darkest hour.

His efforts will never be forgotten. And his life will always be celebrated.

That's why the market for his memorabilia goes from strength to strength.

A few weeks ago I spoke about the sale of a Winston Churchill painting featuring his favourite bottle of whisky, which was expected to fetch £250,000.

It soared to £983,000 ($1.3 million).

That huge price wasn't down to the quality of the painting - but the insight it gave into his life.

Collectors love Churchill memorabilia with a personal touch. And this letter is a magnificent example.

  • The signature is superb
  • The condition is excellent
  • And the content is charming and unique

It has that "special something" that stands it above the rest.

And you can buy it now for only £6,500 ($7,185).


The letter also comes with this glossy 8" x 10" portrait of Winston Churchill, which will combine with the letter to create a striking display piece.

When it comes to historic signatures, Winston Churchill is as 'blue chip' as they come.

The market for his memorabilia is consistently strong, and the value of his autograph has risen 6% per annum for the past 20 years.

So you can buy this piece with complete confidence for the future.

The letter also comes with my Certificate of Authenticity and my personal Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.

You can purchase it today, or email me right away at to reserve it for your collection.

You can also call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading,


PS. This is the only Winston Churchill letter I've ever offered with Christmas content - so why not treat yourself to an early Christmas gift?

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