"You've got a fight on your hands": a handwritten signed note from Admiral Nelson

Let's start the new year with a bang.

Or perhaps it's the sound of cannon fire across a stormy sea...

Because today we're talking about Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Nelson is one of history's greatest naval tacticians.

A fearless leader of men with an mind like a steel trap - and a talent for the unexpected.

Today his legacy survives in more than just the history books.

His actions and bravery helped shape the modern world.

His statue towers above the centre of London, as if keeping a watchful eye on the nation he once protected.

And his spirit is woven into the very fabric of British society.

So what does that mean for collectors like you?

It means you've got a fight on your hands.

From the moment Nelson died in 1805, whilst defeating Napoleon's forces at the Battle of Trafalgar, another battle began...

A battle between collectors to own a piece of his legend.

And it's still going strong, more than two centuries later.

Artifacts are incredibly rare.

Competition is fierce.

And the best pieces always sell fast.

With that in mind, I have a fantastic new Nelson item for you, fresh in stock for 2021.

It's a handwritten note, dated July 1801, with a superb signature and significant family content.

Here's the story...

Admiral Horatio Nelson handwritten signed note, dated July 7 1801

The date is July 7, 1801 and Horatio Nelson is wounded and weary.

He's just returned to England following the Battle of Copenhagen, one of the fiercest of his life, and is now recovering in London.

As he sits in his room at Lothian's Hotel on Albemarle Street, close to the home of his mistress Emma Hamilton, it's fair to say he has a lot on his mind.

His mortal enemy Napoleon Bonaparte is massing forces to invade Great Britain.

His marriage is collapsing.

And he's the father to a seven-month-old daughter, born out of wedlock to another man's wife.

But as he writes this note, his only thought is repaying a debt of gratitude.

The note is addressed to Nelson's cousin, William Suckling, who is in desperate need of Nelson's help.

William's father was Captain Maurice Suckling, Nelson's uncle, who first took Nelson to sea at the age of 13 and taught him everything he knows.

Nelson owes him his naval career – and now he has the chance to repay the family.

William is in dire straits. He's in financial trouble and he's recently left the navy, after being court-martialled for abandoning his ship when it became marooned on a mudbank.

Nelson uses his considerable influence to contact Charles Yorke, the Minister for War, to find William a new job as referenced in this very note:

"My dear sir - I send you Mr Yorke's answer to my letter, therefore very soon you must have an appointment. Send back the letter, and ever believe me.

"Yours most sincerely, "Nelson & Bronte."

It's a short but significant note, in which Nelson keeps his promise to a close family member in their time of need.

Admiral Horatio Nelson handwritten signed note, dated July 7 1801
This Nelson handwritten note bears all the hallmarks of the perfect collector's piece.

It remains in excellent condition, despite being 220 years old.

Nelson's handwriting is clear, crisp and bold - and written with his left hand, having lost his right arm at the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1797.

And it features a fine example of his signature, signed “Nelson & Bronte”, in reference to his status as the first Duke of Bronte.

The superb condition and signature make this letter ideal for framing and display.

It's the kind of item that instantly elevates any historic autograph collection.

And as you'll see, it also has powerful potential as an investment for decades to come.Admiral Horatio Nelson sigmature on a handwritten note
Admiral Horatio Nelson is one of the defining figures of British history.

Most of his personal items and letters are owned by museums, and those still in private hands are highly sought-after.

That's why the pocket watch he wore at the Battle of Trafalgar sold in 2018 for £322,000.

Or a single unsigned love letter to Emma Hamilton sold in 2003 for £117,000 – more than five times it's high estimate.

But if you take an even closer look, you'll see the market for similar Nelson letters is equally strong.

    • A letter to William Suckling regarding his promotion and financial troubles, dated November 22, 1800, sold in 2006 for £11,040.
    • A letter regarding the purchase of his farm in Merton, dated September 15, 1801, sold in 2017 for £13,750.
    • A letter to Emma Hamilton, dated circa November 1801, sold in 2012 for £20,000.

All of these letters were written in the same 12-month period as the note on offer.

All of them relate to Nelson's personal life, rather than his military career.

And all of them far exceeded their estimates at auction.

So not only is this note a wonderfully rare and desirable piece of history...

It also has a buoyant, ready-made market with a proven track record should you wish to sell in the future.

And you can purchase it today for just £9,995 ($13,570).

Admiral Horatio Nelson handwritten signed note, dated July 7 1801BUY THIS ITEM NOW

People have been collecting Nelson memorabilia, from signed letters to locks of his hair, for over 200 years.

So it's fair to say the market is historically stable.

More recently, the PFC40 Autograph Index shows the value of a Nelson handwritten letter has risen steadily by 6% per annum for the past 20 years.

So when it comes to rare and historic signatures, he's the very definition of 'blue chip stock'.

And his remarkable achievements should place him alongside the likes of George Washington and Napoleon in any major collection.

The savviest collectors may have a passion for the past...

But they always have an eye on the future.

You can be one of them.

You don't need to be a tactical genius to profit from owning rare collectibles.

But a little of the "Nelson touch" can help.

So buy this letter today.

You can also contact me to reserve it now at info@paulfrasercollectibles.com.

Or just call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

Take care, and thanks for reading.


PS. This letter comes with my Certificate of Authenticity and my personal Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee. So you can always buy with complete confidence.

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