JFK revealed: the man behind the myth

What goes on inside the mind of a President?

More than you think? Or less than you'd hope...

It's impossible to know for sure. But sometimes they leave us clues.

Collectors love items that offer insight into the thoughts of famous figures.

And no U.S President's inner thoughts and private life have caused more debate than this man:

John F. Kennedy.

Today's new item is a rare piece of JFK memorabilia.

Direct from the Presidential campaign trail in 1959.

It's written in his hand.

And in its own small way, it reveals the real man behind the myth.

But first - let your mind wander

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...Because John F. Kennedy certainly did.

The evidence is in the doodles.

Kennedy has been described as “the most prolific doodler of all US presidents”.

During meetings and events he was known to fill entire pages with sketches, boxes and words repeated over and over again.

Today the Kennedy Presidential Library has more than 100 folders in their archives just containing his doodles.

Researchers regularly use them to provide insight into his thought process.

At times he was obsessive and laser-focused on the challenges he faced.

And sometimes he was simply dreaming of a peaceful escape.

The item I'm offering you today shows both those sides.

Hot off the campaign trail

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It's an original programme from a Democratic campaign dinner in Indianapolis on October 2, 1959.

It's a very nice piece of vintage political ephemera.

The programme measures approximately 6" by 9" and is in good condition.

And it's covered with Kennedy's personal notes, doodles and sketches.

It was a significant night for his political career, as he chased the Democratic nomination for President.

The programme is accompanied by an official signed letter from Dave Powers, curator of the Kennedy Library.

He describes how the event played a huge role in Kennedy's victory in the Indiana primary, and helped him secure the nomination.

That evening he gave a major speech on the recent U.S visit of Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev, and the threat he posed to America.

And as Kennedy sat waiting to speak to a packed room of supporters...

His mind began to wander.

Mysterious notes

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Kennedy's jotted notes are intriguing.

"Victory Dinner... Alderman gave the... a few... Someone had but broken in and stolen the election...”

He also repeatedly writes “640” and “room 640” inside boxes, which he often drew around words or ideas he was focussed on.

Was this Kennedy's hotel room? Was he anticipating the moment he could get some rest during a punishing cross-country campaign schedule?

Or perhaps it was it some else's hotel room...?

Just like his life, Kennedy's notes offer up more questions than answers.

But one small doodle on this page stands out as clear as day.

And there's no question what this one meant to Kennedy.

Pure happiness.

A small (but very valuable) detail

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Kennedy's sailboats are his most famous doodles.

They represent his lifelong love affair with sailing and the ocean.

We are tied to the ocean," he once said. "And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came.

He was known to draw sailboats in important moments, such as cabinet meetings during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

For Kennedy, sailing was his escape. His daydreams relieved the intense stress and pressure of politics.

And he always sketched the same boat – his beloved Victura, a 25-foot sloop given to him by his parents in 1932 on his 15th birthday.

The real John F. Kennedy

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So the sailboat sketch on this programme reveals the real JFK.

Away from the politics, the drama and the tangled love life.

A man who was happiest out on the open water with the wind in his sails.

It's a small but wonderful insight into his life.

And an excellent collector's item.

Today Kennedy's hand drawn sailboats are highly sought-after.

That's why in 2013, the last one he ever drew – the evening before his assassination in November 1963 – sold at auction for $33,000.

But you'll find this example far more affordable...

Own this piece of JFK history

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This is a superb item for collectors of U.S history and political memorabilia.

An original piece from Kennedy's 1959 campaign trail which sent him to the White House.

It's covered in his private thoughts and doodles.

And it features one of Kennedy's iconic hand-drawn sailboats.

A delightful detail that reveals his happiest memories.

The vast majority of JFK's notes and doodles are owned by the Kennedy Presidential Library. Very few remain in private hands.

This is a rare opportunity to add a page to your collection.

And I'm expecting a lot of interest on this unique piece.

So don't let your mind wander too far...

Purchase it now for just £1,500 ($1,935).

Purchase this item now

And don't forget:

This programme is covered with our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.

It comes supplied with a full Certificate of Authenticity, backed up by my 45 years in the industry.

And international delivery is free and fully insured.

So you buy it today and enjoy it for years to come, with complete confidence for the future.

To secure this superb piece for your collection contact me now.

You can email me at info@paulfrasercollectibles.com.

Or call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Paul Fraser.

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